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          « IFRS 9
Date of the seminar:   March 20-21, 2019 May (Monday-Tuesday), 10:00 to 17:00
                             (total duration of seminar: 16 hours)
Training language: English
Seminar venue: Riga, 10/12 Meistaru Street, office 301.
Short description: This two-day intensive seminar takes a practical approach to essential aspects of IFRS 9. Concepts are mastered through the heavy use of working examples and real-life case studies. For instance, significant increase in credit risk is covered analyzing BNP Paribas and UBS criteria
The first part of the program provides hands-on expertise on how financial assets and liabilities, and off-balance sheet items are recognised under IFRS 9. Each type of financial instrument is dissected by using working examples in which the accounting entries are covered in detail.
The main part of the program covers impairments with a special emphasis on key judgements such as:
- The criteria for determining significant increase in credit risk in practice, based on the criteria used by BNP Paribas and UBS
- The determination of scenarios, based on a benchmark analysis of how the main European banks are defining them
- The view from the regulator by explaining the criteria used by the ECB in its current IFRS 9 Asset Quality Review
- The new definition of defaults, based on the EBA definition
- An overview of the modelling challenges, by covering a case study on how one of the main European banks estimates 12-month and lifetime PDs from 12-month PDs, and the differences between models for retail and wholesale portfolios
- An overview of the IFRS 9 post-implementation challenges, and
- The elements of particular scrutiny by auditors.
Seminar LecturerJuan Ramirez  is a senior professional at Deloitte in London, advising banks on IFRS 9 and Basel III/IV issues.
On the accounting side, Juan is an expert in the three areas of IFRS 9: measurement and
classification, impairment and hedge accounting.
 Juan is involved in the entire spectrum of capital ratios: measurement, ICAAP, stress testing, capital allocation, capital planning and capital optimisation.
Juan holds an MBA from University of Chicago and has worked 20 years mainly in London in the derivatives area of JPMorgan and later Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital, Banco Santander and BNP Paribas, where he gained a strong knowledge of market risk.
Mr. Ramirez is the author of “Handbook of Basel III Capital”, “Accounting for Derivatives”, and “Handbook of Corporate Derivatives and Equity Capital Markets
Fee for the seminar:  € 400,00 + VAT

Registration for the seminar by the address: 10, Meistaru street, Riga, office 302.

Phones: +371 67211577, +371 29423381. 


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The personnel of these companies were trained on our programms and workshops in Training and Consultancy Centre
The personnel of these companies were trained on our programms and workshops in Training and Consultancy Centre "Securities".

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